100 Things To Do Before You Die [NewScientist]

You’ve only got one life, so make the most of it. Here’s the best science has to offer: 100 activities guaranteed to amaze and inspire you, hand-picked by New Scientist.

Be a gecko
Walk in dinosaur footprints
Swim in a bioluminescent lake
Win a million-dollar maths prize
Extract your own DNA
Write your name in atoms

Don’t panic if life seems too short. There’s also advice on what to do after you die, from becoming a stunt cadaver to having your ashes turned into diamonds.

100 Things to Do Before You Die tells you all you need to know to fill your days with new experiences. So what are you waiting for…


100 Things To Do Before You Die [NewScientist]

2 responses to “100 Things To Do Before You Die [NewScientist]”

  1. No como yo quisiera, pero en eso y otras cosas me ocupo.

    De las 100 que enlistan me gustaria realizar al menos las siguientes:

    · Search for sings of extraterrestrial intelligence
    · See Halley’s comet…twice
    · Listen to an iceberg being born
    · Empathise with a machine
    · See the aurora borealis
    · Learn an endangered language
    · Understand nature’s mystery number
    · Time travel
    · Understand how life communicates
    · Answer one of Einstein’s questions: is our universe unique?
    · Measure the speed of light with chocolate
    · Wear an exoskeleton

    en fin, las 100 estan increibles, por suerte estoy vivo, aun soy joven y ganas no me faltan.

    Muchos saludos…

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